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This weather is awful!

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This weather is awful!

As Brits, we constantly complain that our summers are too cold and wet, and long for some decent weather. However, there is a saying that you should be careful what you ask for! This heat-wave is awful, and causing droughts and health-issues for many.

Why can’t we have a happy medium between both extremes? We had a long, cold winter, which is usually followed by a blistering summer, so I can’t see it getting any better soon. :(

We had a day where our house was infested with dying bees coming from our garden, so we had to close all windows and doors which made it all the hotter! Our fans have never been so well used!

We are providing two bowls of water daily for our garden creatures: birds, hedgehogs etc., and they are both well used every day.

Oh well…at least I’m getting the laundry dried in bulk instead of inside!


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