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Toadstool Dining Furniture For Fantasy Lots

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Item Type: New Mesh
Function: Sets
Room: Outdoor
Price: §Seats: 30, Table: 60
Poly Count(s): Table 436, Chair 436

Thanks to all the feedback I received both here and MTS, these are now ready for upload. It’s a toadstool dining set, which would probably only be any good on fantasy lots, but I think they’re quite cute. They can be found in the outside surfaces and seating sections of the catalogue. The chairs cost §30 and the table is §60.

Base Game Only

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karen lorraine
Active Member

These look really cool, Angela and I love the screenshots too!


Interesting little set I think also if you colored the top of the seats brown they could be used in an enchanted Forest as toadstools or maybe not lol we… Read more »

Active Member

Enchanting! And yes, the screenshots are perfect. Talk about fabulous landscaping! I think they would look cute in a child’s room too. Donna’s idea is great too, they could be… Read more »

Fata Morgana