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AquaPlus Shower Stall Re-colour

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Item Type: Re-Colour
Function: Plumbing
Room: Bathroom

This is my first re-colour for this item. It’s late at night, or I would have done more! Anyway, I’ll probably update this post later with some new colours. This is a nice, royal-blue one. This particular item is desperate for more colours, so I hope you like it

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karen lorraine
Active Member

Yes, we definitely need some new recolours of this! Can you recolour the back of the shower too? I quite often use HL backless shower/bath. Some shower curtains to match… Read more »

karen lorraine
Active Member

shades of purple obviously (favourite colours), a good selection would be good, a big fan of turquoise too smile Colours that match the tiles.

karen lorraine
Active Member

Yes, I’ve missed seeing you here. Hope all’s going well? I only ever use white suites, who does green, blue etc

karen lorraine
Active Member

Oh what’s housework? I need to do some too, booh! Think I might be busy this week too, all back to normal this week after the break!