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Condition: Fully Furnished
Bedrooms: 4
Price: §183,037
Lot Size: 3×3
Extra Info:
Contains custom content
Content is included

Clive Hendricks was appointed “simbassador” abroad and he wanted to find the perfect house in which to be diplomatic and influential. After considerable searching, he found this historic old home which had been remodeled and was even furnished. Here are the photos he sent home to his wife for approval.

The floor plan includes 4 floors of living space including two car garage on the ground floor (this is base game so let’s pretend it’s a garage) and a fair sized attic room which is now being used for storage, but could be a play room or even another bedroom.

Furnishings looked acceptable to Clive, but you can never tell about his wife. Custom content includes flowers by Macarossi at MTS, quilts by aixlachaise at MTS, and bedside cabinets and mirror by Lady Angel.

Kitchen garden is currently producing hollyhocks by bienchen83 at MTS, but could of course produce vegetables with Seasons ep.

The old Mansion is lovingly shrouded in vines by phoenix_phaerie at MTS.

Other cc includes LadyAngel’s Dark Ember wood flooring, Old ‘n’ Grey brick wall covering, and assorted wall papers and rugs by me and millyana (who is actually me, but anyway). Having sent the photos, Clive is now awaiting approval to go ahead with the purchase. Perhaps the photos will convince you to download this big old place for your sims?

Base Game Only

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Tric, I don’t know what to say…even you’ve outdone yourself with this one, it’s truly amazing! This is my kind of house, right down to the furnishings and decor…I want… Read more »

karen lorraine
Active Member

Beautiful house! Love it, inside and out!


It’s ok to digress. As much as I appreciate England, it’s a very, very expensive place to live. Taxation is at an all-time high, and we pay a fortune for… Read more »

karen lorraine
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Tricia, you must come and visit us, although LadyAngel and I live at opposite ends of the country, but I suppose to an American, that’s nothing, lol. Glad we’re influencing… Read more »


Goodness, I didn’t realise health insurance costs so much. We complain about the NHS over here, and it does have some major flaws, but I’d hate to think where we’d… Read more »

Simply Simful

I’m a lupus patient here and in a wheelchair and I don’t have insurance, so cash is paid to my doctor and you would not believe the cost, yet it… Read more »


Absolutely stunning house Tric. Completely wonderful!


What a beautiful house! Thank you for sharing it!