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Residential Candlewick Lane


This is Candlewick Lane home, it has 1 bedroom, master bath upstairs, a kitchen, bathroom, living room & ladies meeting room.

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Residential November Plantation


These are the pictures of my house November Plantation sorry I didn’t sent them before.

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Sets Thanksgiving


Hope you enjoy these wall/floors that I made for Thanksgiving.

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Sets Cherry Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner, and here are some wall/floor sets to start you off with

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Sets 3 Chairs on a Beach


I hope you will enjoy this wall/floor set until I can get back to have more for you.

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Residential Lilac Manor


This is a house and walls/floors I just finished, I sure hope they came out alright,

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Sets Wall & Floor Sets


These are all the wall/floors sets that I created, each file has a discription of their design.

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Residential Arlington Manor


I have uploaded a house that I build, called Arlington Manor, it shows you of my creations and of my walls/floors I created too.

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