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    This weather is awful!


    This weather is awful! As Brits, we constantly complain that our summers are too cold and wet, and long for some decent weather. However, there is a saying that you should be careful what...

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    Dorms January Dorms – Refurbished


    This is a refurbished version of my January Dorms. It’s been updated to be fresh, modern and practical, as well as providing work and entertainment areas for your young Sims.

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    Dorms State Campus – Dorms


    12-room dormitory with all of the luxury your spoiled teen Sims will need to enjoy their stay away from home. Complete with en-suite bathrooms and TV’s in each room!

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    Residential Marlow House – Base Game, No CC


    3-bedroom family home with pool and separate entertainment area in the false garage! There are 3 bathrooms, including 1 en-suite. Downstairs comprises of a good-sized kitchen, separate dining room, large lounge, study and open-plan staircase.

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    Residential The Stonehouse – Furnished, No CC


    This is a furnished version of The Stonehouse lot. It has kept the same decor, but the inside has been fully-furnished, and the outside has been altered slightly.

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    Winter In The UK!

    Winter In The UK! 2

    Winter In The UK! Here in the UK we are having one of the coldest and snowiest winters for years! I love this weather, but it does have an extreme impact on the country....

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