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    Residential Lycos House


    This is the Lycos Dog made by Maxis. It was only released on the French site during a promotion deal with Lycos.

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    Residential Canterbury – Base Game House


    This is a 3-bedroom, expensive, residential home. One of the bedrooms is currently being used as an entertainment area. I wasn’t going to use cc, but it’s so hard with the base game…I have no willpower!

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    Clothing EA San Valentino Set


    This set from EA is mostly clothing, but there is also a (hideous!) wall and floor set.

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    Vehicles EA Fiat Punto Car


    This is a car by EA that can’t be found on their site any more as it doesn’t exist! I didn’t make this, I’m just hosting it.

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    Floor Coverings My-Mashup Floors


    I did not create these! They are from an excellent creator, my-mashup, who’s site has since been discontinued.