• Decorative Ballet Mad

    Item Type: Re-Colour
    Function: DecorativeWall Hangings
    Room: Multiple Rooms

    Thanks to the tutorial by LadyAngel i have finally decided to have a go at making my own paintings.  Goodness it was easy, why I didnt do it before is beyond me!

    Anyway I love Oil Paintings, and theres something about ballet paintings that I love as well so here are 10 for your simmies.

    8 Are Basegame Compatible
    Paintings used are:

    A Stroke (pink), Used Twice
    Poisonous Forest, Usued Twice
    Griled Cheese
    Lily Pads
    Lady On RedCantankerous Splatters

    And Two are Nightlife Compatible

    Both use Two Dogs and an Olive

    Thinking next I may do an Air New Zealand motto and ‘share my New Zealand!’

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    3 Responses

    1. CheekyBugga says:

      Very Nice Tiff!! I knew you would do it 😉

    2. LadyAngel says:

      Oh, you did it! These are gorgeous, just the type of painting I like…grabbing them now!

    3. karen lorraine says:

      Very pretty, always on the lookout for good paintings, maxis are awful!

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