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    Community The Fighting Llamas


    This is my round 2 lot for Karens awesome uni contest happening at mts, everyone should check it out if you havnt already!

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    Residential Houses for Marka $20,000-25,000


    Lot Details: Bedrooms: 4 Condition: Unfurnished Price: §25,000 Lot Size: 2×3 [wpfp-link] Tags modern,no cc,residential,sims 2 Edit Post Delete Post Note from admin: All ImageShack images have disappeared!   These four houses are for...

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    Residential Lake Hayes Dream


    I saw this 2 million Dollar Property for sale on Trademe at Lakes Hayes in Queenstown, and just loved it

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    Residential Featured_postQuite Comfy


    I found an interesting floor plan of a house that had a big half arch window as a feature to the plans, and thought it would be a welcome challenge to try and build. It was indeed a challenge but here is the result.

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    Residential Eds Pad


    This was a request by Edward at Blackpearls, he wanted a 1 bedroom loft, modern, with room for a spa, and office fairly large kitchen open plan. I think I delivered, he likes it anyway which is the main thing!

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    Residential About a Loft


    Anthony and Misty Green came into a bit of money, they decided to buy a section in the burbs and build their dream home

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    Community Botanical Gardens


    Consists of a pond with a warf, playground, fully fenced in swimming pool, bbq area, toilet facilities, hedge maze and a nice Gazebo set for a wedding and a bandstand.

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    Starter Homes Quaint Starter


    Lot Details: Bedrooms: 2 Condition: Starter Furnishings Price: §19,998 Lot Size: 2×2 [wpfp-link] Extra Info: Contains custom contentContent is included Tags residential,sims 2,starter Edit Post Delete Post I wanted to try and make this...