• Creating Beginner’s Guide To Sims 2 Body Shop – Creating A Sim


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    To create a Sim using Body Shop, double-click the Body Shop icon. You should always run the version that was installed with the latest expansion pack you have. You’ll find it in:

    C:/Program Files/EA Games/(Latest Expansion Pack)/CSBin/TS2BodyShop:

    Click ‘Build Sims’:

    then ‘Build or Clone Sims’, then click the green ‘+’ to open the Sims configuration section:

    Once you’ve selected the type of Sim you want to create, you can then design them using the icons at the top of the next section. I won’t go in to detail about each one as they are all self-explanatory:

    You can adjust several facial features by using the sliders beneath each one:

    Choose the clothing you want, and when you’re satisfied with everything, click the tick at the bottom:

    You will now see your finished Sim in the Sim bin. Click the tick to close it, then get ready to package the Sim:

    You can package the Sim ready to import into your game and/or share with others:

    Sims 2 base game only required

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