• Creating Beginner’s Guide To Sims 2 Body Shop – Recolouring Clothes


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    First, open up Body Shop. Make sure you open the program from the latest expansion pack you have installed:

    Click ‘Build Sims’ then ‘Create Parts’:

    Click ‘Create Clothing’:

    Select the clothing you want to re-colour and click ‘Export Selected Textures’:

    Give your project and name and click the tick (checkmark):

    Take note of where your project can be found on your computer:

    Open Gimp and browse to your project files. Open the image file that ends with ‘TextureName.bmp’:

    This is what you should now see:

    We are going to be changing the foreground colour and using the bucket fill tool to add that colour to the dress:

    Choose your foreground colour:

    Make sure the opacity is set to 100%, the fill type selected is ‘FG colour fill’, and ‘Fill whole selection’ is selected:

    From the ‘Layer’ menu at the top, click ‘New Layer’. We will add a transparent window over the top of the image that you can colour.:

    Make sure ‘Transparency’ is selected:

    Now select the bucket fill tool, then click on your image to fill the new layer with the foreground colour you selected earlier:

    Please don’t panic, it’s supposed to look like that! :)

    Save your image. Click ‘File’ then ‘Save’, and in the window that pops up, click ‘Export’:

    Go back into Body Shop and click ‘Refresh’ to view your new re-colour:

    Enter a tooltip, perhaps a link to your site, or some site profile, then import the new dress to your game:

    Well done on your first re-colour!

    Sims 2 base game only required

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