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    Residential The Firs


    This luxury home has a games room, a spare room and a large master suite with bathroom.

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    Residential Malibu Beach House


    A spacious and confortable beach house with one master bedroom 1st floor and 2 guest bedrooms ground floor. Decking out back leading to the beach, two reception rooms and kitchen/dining area. Small front garden area and off road parking.

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    Sims April Hollender


    April is artistic, friendly and excitable. Can you manage to play this obsessive-compulsive handful of a girl?

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    Software Fraps


    Fraps is great software for screenshots and gameplay videos. It’s well worth upgrading to the unlimited version

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    Sets Grunge Walls & Floor


    Another from my grunge collection. This set includes a matching floor.

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    Wall Coverings Floral Dream Wallpaper


    I made this originally as a lounge wallpaper, but it seems to go in other rooms as well, such as bedrooms, dining rooms, staircases etc.

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    Community Gothica Island School


    Quaint community lot. This converted school still retains it’s academic charm, but is now a place for your Sims to meet, play and relax with a nice coffee!

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    Community Verona Park


    Small, cheap community park where your Sims can relax and unwind from their busy days.

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    Dorms Hiphouse


    3 bedroom luxury dorm, with plenty of entertainment. All rooms have their own television.