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    Residential Hunter’s Cottage


    This cottage would be considered luxurious in Medieval times…there’s even a bathroom of sorts upstairs! There are very few ‘mod-cons’ here, but it’s cheap and liveable…mostly!

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    Residential Lad’s Lodge – Base Game, No CC


    This is a 3-storey, decidedly masculine home, with 4 bedrooms. One of the bedrooms is being used as a games room/gym. The master suite is on the top floor.

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    Residential Verona Cottage – Base Game, No CC


    2 bedroom home with swimming pool. Would be perfect for the newly married couple wanting to move out of their starter home into something more substantial.

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    Residential 2 Gothica Island Avenue


    1 bedroom home set on a small lot. The attic is being used as a master-suite, but the study on the ground floor can easily be converted into an extra bedroom.

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    Residential Grace


    3 bedroom home with all the modern conveniences.

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    Residential Future World


    I picture this house in a new neighborhood, desert and rugged, either on Earth or another planet. It will be an area where scientists and adventurers come to build a new world. Here’s the front of the house:

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    Community XP-396 – Alien Experiment Lab


    Some years ago, an alien space craft landed on an isolated island in the Pacific. The people that had been tracking it were not an official government department, but They managed to hide the small craft and contain the beings inside before anyone else became aware of it.

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    Residential Into the Future


    Here’s a mid-sized family home built on the edge of a precipice in a wild, windswept land.

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    Residential River View


    Taken from my Gothica Island neighbourhood, this 1 bedroom bungalow is tastefully furnished with large gardens, BBQ area at the back of the house, and spacious living areas.

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    Residential Little Suburbia – Base Game, No CC


    This small Victorian-style home has two bedrooms and an open-plan living area. This lot would be ideal for a newly-wed couple or small family. There is also a large attic that could be utilised as a third bedroom if required.

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    Residential Beyond the Future


    Here’s another house for your modern sims! It hopes to be futuristic looking and cutting edge. The house is three stories with four bedrooms and 3.5 baths.