Judy Sims

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    Community Cheshire Park


    Come sit a while at this lovely little park. Play a game of chess, read a book or make a wish at the wishing well.

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    Community Glen Pond


    Peasants can enjoy this lovely spot while improving their fishing or reading skills.

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    Community Norwick Lighthouse


    This lighthouse not only lights the way for those incoming ships, but also has a pint of ale waiting for thirsty sailors in the pub.

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    Community Seaport Cemetery


    Beware! Ghostly things happen at this cemetery. Peasants may come grieve for their loved ones, but should be ready for anything.

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    Community Seaport School


    Peasant children will learn the basics for reading, writing and math

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    Community Barnsley Antiques Shop


    This dusty old shop is the perfect place to find a special treasure Come browe for those vintage clothes and other personal items.

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    Community Dracul Gypy Camp


    This band of colorful gypsies might have a few surprises in store for the peasant or lord who comes to their little camp uninvited. Beware!

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    Community Sheffield Art Gallery


    There are some pretty famous artists on Dracul Isle. They come from all walks of life, so come check out the beautiful art and sculptures.

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    Community Sir Lancing Sports Arena


    Come one, come all to see the brave citizens of Dracul Isle spar for the coveted sports trophy of Dracul Isle.

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    Community Dracul Country Church


    This old country church is perfect for that old fashioned wedding, or just to quietly have a spirtual moment with others.

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    Community Croydon Inn


    This quaint little inn will be a welcome sight to all those weary travelers who need a rest.

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    Community Dracul Fish Hatchery


    This huge facility offers not only job opportunities for the serious fishermen in the village, but also a wonderful place to come tour and catch that special fish.