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  • Residential Desert Dreaming   (Views: 4,450 )

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    1. ekrubynaffit says:

      This is amazing Anne, Im so envious of the fantastic garden, since that’s the area I always struggle with! And the whole style is just lovely, couldn’t stop looking at the pics!

    2. triciamanly says:

      Tiff, thanks so much! I never used to even look at gardens until I became a follower of Guardgian and Allison731. They both make such lovely gardens and so I started copying them. Of course, the actual playing may not be as fun! Too many weeds, and maybe too much memory used inthe lot. I always love your houses! The gardens always look great, of course your architecture and furnishings are what really grab our attention!

    3. It always amazes me how you come up with such different styles of house with just the base game, Anne! I particularly like the raised pond, gonna have to steal that idea.

    4. triciamanly says:

      Thanks so much Karen Lorraine! I love looking at google images for houses to copy. I honestly never build an original house without a picture to base it on!

    5. LadyAngel says:

      The landscaping for this house is fantastic! You always manage to make each house unique, I don’t know how you do it!

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