• Sets Dutch goldenage paintings and some walls

    Item Type: Re-Colour
    Function: Sets
    Room: Multiple Rooms

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    This was my Secret Santa to Riekus over at Plum Bob Keep, she likes The Dutch Goldenage so made her 24 Paintings and some walls and floors.

    Paintings Left to right:
    The Large Dort 1650 by Albert Cuypt
    The Gypsy Bride 1667 by Rembrandt
    The Feast of St. Nicholas 1665 by Jan Steen
    Bentheim Castle 1653 by Jacob Isaakszoon Van Ruisdael (what a mouthful!)

    Paintings used in game are Oil “Fantasty Scape” and Reprint Serial #5-COPU4

    Also included is the Gold Wall, Wood Floor and Red Carpet

    Paintings Left to right:

    View of Delft 1661 by Johannes Vermeer
    The Milkmaid 1658 by Johannes Vermeer
    The Bull 1647 by Paulus Potter
    Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window 1657 by Johannes Vermeer

    Paintings used in Game are Sent to my room without dinner, rainy day main street

    Also included is the wall, wood floor and carpet

    Paintings Left to right:

    The Anatomy Lesson 1632 by Rembrandt
    Self Portrait as a Lutenist 1663 by Jan Steen
    Entombment of ****** 1612 Pieter Lastman
    Unknown (this was the first I did and totally forgot to write down what it was and who by, and then no matter what I typed into Google it would not come up!)

    Paintings used in Game are Sent to my Room without dinner and Rainy Day Main Street

    Also incuded Walls and floors

    Paintings Left to Right

    First painting is in wall panels in the build section
    The Little Street 1658 by Johannes Vermeer
    The Lacemaker 1669 by Johannes Vermeer
    The Idlers 1660 by Jan Steen
    Gypsy Girl 1630 by Frans Hals

    Paintings used in game is A Stoke

    Walls and Floors included

    Paintings Left to right are:

    The Merry Family 1668 by Jan Steen
    Young Man holding a Skull 1626 by Frans Hals
    The Night Watch 1642 by Rembrandt
    Self Portrait with two Circles 1665 by Rembrandt

    Paintings used in game Argist Soldier, Rainy Day Main Street and Lily Pads

    Walls and floors included

    Paintings from Left to Right:

    The Goldfinch 1654 by Carel Fabritius
    Girl with a Pearl Earring 1665 by Johannes Vermeer
    The Maas at Dordrect in a Storm 162 by Albert Cuypt
    Gilr with a broom 1651 by Carel Fabritius

    Paintings used in game are Argist Soldier, The Place over there and Winter Blossoms

    Walls and Floors included

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    1. LadyAngel says:

      The base game desperately needs new paintings, thanks for these!

    2. ekrubynaffit says:

      Ohhhh smack my hand!!! I think some of these recolours are nightlife! Will fix!!

    3. xptl297 says:

      Thanks, downloaded.
      Some of my sims Should live in classic, conventional houses. Then I’m in troubles with decorations and need all help available. 🙂

    4. ekrubynaffit says:

      Glad to help in any way to make sims more conventional 🙂

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      Thankyou JoanLesley, only just seen your comment, thankyou for taking the time to comment its lovely!

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