Decorative Famous Paintings   (Views: 3,270 )

Item Type: Re-Colour
Function: DecorativeWall Hangings
Room: Multiple Rooms

Karen got me in the mood to create some paintings, so here are some famous beauties, including my personal favourite, ‘The Lady Of Shalott’. An amazing painting and an enchanting poem.

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5 Responses

  1. karen lorraine says:

    Very pretty Angela 🙂 I’m still getting to grips with mine

  2. CheekyBugga says:

    Lovely Paintings Mrs A …as always.. I simply must download 😀 Thanks xx

  3. LadyAngel says:

    Thanks girls, pleased you like them 🙂 Kaz, you’re a fast learner, I’m sure we’ll be seeing your stuff in no time! 😀

  4. Bogies says:

    The paintings are wonderful – thank you! 😉

  5. LadyAngel says:

    You’re welcome 😀

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