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    When you begin the game, you will be tasked with collecting food and resources. There’s an abundance of food on all the islands, so don’t worry too much about that. There are also plenty of resources, such as wood, stone, sand, ore etc. However, you will need to craft bigger and better tools before some of these become available to harvest. For instance, when you make an axe, you will be able to harvest soft wood from coconut and other trees. The better the tool, the more you will be able to harvest, such as hardwood and sandalwood etc.

    You can make a simple crating bench on the first beach by using the 2 conveniently-placed rocks there! You can’t miss them!

    You will also need leaves from coconut and banana trees if you want to create shelters. Shelters are required if your Sim wants to sleep when it’s raining. A simple roof can be placed at first, under which your Sims will place their sleeping mat when selected.

    Collect any bottles that wash up on any shore – inside will probably be useless messages, but you can also find a map piece inside one of them. Keep the bottles as you can make windows out of the glass later on in the game.

    When you begin the game, collect vines and bamboo as these will enable you to build a raft to get to the second island. Collecting resources and using the crafting bench will build up skills etc. that will allow you to access certain parts of the game and other things.

    At the start you will have a simple fishing rod with which you can catch fish for food. Using the crafting bench you can make a bamboo fishing pole that will allow you to catch bigger fish. Remember, the more resources you collect, the better tools you will be able to craft, and the more you will build up your skills and motives.

    Driftwood is a-plenty…collect as much as you can. With this you can build fires and other things.

    Use the island map to travel between islands to collect more needed resources as you go. The Dark Cave is a good source of minerals, as are the Crystal Islands, once you can access them.

    Please post all support requests in the forums if at all possible


    Another word about food – the better your stove, the better recipes you can create.  Just click on the stove or firepit to choose what ingredients you want to cook with from your inventory and the game will create a meal from them.

    Please post all support requests in the forums if at all possible

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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