• Hotels & Rentals Grande Elite Apartments

    Condition: Fully Furnished
    Properties: 4
    Price: §1,620 – 2,886
    Lot Size: 4×3
    Extra Info:
    Contains custom content
    Content is included

    My Grande Elite Dorms have been converted into four luxury apartments, fully furnished. Downstairs has a 1-bedroom apartment and 1 2-bedroom apartment. It also has a communal recreation area with bathrooms for visitors. The first floor has one 2-bedroom apartment and one 3-bedroom apartment.

    To rent the apartments furnished, do the following:

    Before you rent the apartment:

    • CTRL-SHIFT-C to bring up the cheat box.
    • Enter the following cheat: boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
    • Clear any actions from your sim’s queue – including other sims trying to talk to them.
    • SHIFT-click on the door of the apartment you wish to rent and choose “Rent Furnished.”
    • If the action falls out of your queue, your sim probably needs to be closer to the door.
    • Once the apartment is rented, bring up the cheat box again.
    • Enter: boolProp testingCheatsEnabled false to turn the cheat off again.

    Custom content is by myself plus:

    and the following link:

    I had problems with the apartment mailbox not showing up. If you have the same problem, you can visit the link below to download a buyable one:

    Required Expansion Packs:
    University Nightlife Open For Business Pets Seasons Bon Voyage Freetime Apartment Life
    Required Stuff Packs:
    Happy Holiday Family Fun Glamour Life Celebration H&M Teen Style Kitchen & Bath Ikea Home Mansion & Garden
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