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Peasant Dwelling I

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Bedrooms: 1
Condition: Starter Furnishings
Lot Size: 2×3
Price: §19, 377
Unfurnished Price: §17,377

Game Version: 10.0.96

Here is the first of a series of medieval residential homes from my latest world, Dracul Isle. Since some people don’t play custom worlds, all my lots from the world will be made available for those who love medieval or just a rustic, fantasy style. This is the starter lot. These lots progress in size and added decor according to what the peasant can afford at the time.

This little starter is humble and sparse in furnishings, but meet the peasant’s basic needs. The home has an open concept with the sitting room and eat-in kitchen together. There is a bedroom with bath and a small courtyard and garden area outside. There is a bookcase and a easel for some basic skill learning.

Required Expansion Packs:
World Adventures Ambitions Late Night Generations Pets Showtime
Required Stuff Packs:
Outdoor Living
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Like what I see, but have you got more pics of the inside and birds eye etc? smile


Beautiful home, thank you for your first upload! smile

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Judy Sims, just what we want, new talent (not that the rest of you aren’t talented!!) This charming little place makes me long for a better computer that can handle… Read more »


Judy, do you have any birds-eye views of the floor plans of your lots? This will give other members an idea of the overall layout. smile