• Plumbing Rock Fountain Batheable

    Item Type: New Mesh
    Function: Plumbing
    Room: Outdoor
    Price: §1
    Poly Count(s): 1345

    For this object I used a work from Marvine as template. The original is available at MTS2 or Insimenator (or both!). And this is all I did with Marvine’s work, used it as template.
    There are no customs animations, everything is from the original game, so there was nothing else than what was already available. To use game animations is something that I know how to do, I can even change them.
    I learned also how to take game objects and combine with something totally unprobable. Marvine’s rock shower was the most practicle because it has already been tested by the whole community, so feilfree.

    Well, the mesh is a combination of a JB fountain but it is hard to recognize. Likewise it doesn’t affect or conflict with the original work (available at MTS2). The whole thing is recalculated including animations.

    Exactly like Marvines Rock Shower, you must first go 1 click down on the terrain so that the water fills up a small hole. The object is only 1 tile, so you can make 1 tile, 1 click lower and place the object. Afterwards you can make the tiles around 1 click lower in the extension enough to have a small lake in front of the fountain. It is pretty.
    Sims will bathe autonomously and nude (no shoo). It can be used by all sims as from children. If you want toddler bath, I have several posted at MTS2 (toddlers and dogs).

    Sims will enter directly under the water of the fountain and will execute both Shower and water wiggle animations. There are no shower or monkey ruin fountain effects. The water animations are from Material Definition and are seen from hood view. The object is full recolorable and is not based on Marvine’s meshes, not even the LOD 90 is from game rocks, but from the Venus Sculpture (my favourite game object).

    Well, too much excuses , but it works!

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    1. CheekyBugga says:

      Ok xp you sold me with all excuses lol I had to download tysm 😀

    2. nattyreach says:

      so cool!

    3. Fata Morgana says:

      I need it! I need it! I need it!!!
      Thank you. 🙂

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