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    For this months challenge I created a rather iconic building, most would know it. Central Perk from friends. And to go with it I currently have in the works (meaning starting once I’ve uploaded this!) All the apartments for the group of 6.

    Central Perk is rather straight forward, pretty much one room. Have included public toilets and also a wee kitchen area so your sims can go for a meal. Theres also a podium off to the side.

    Lots of people to thank, but really theres not a heck of alot in there, its just mainly little knic knacky stuff, food stuff etc. Included IS the omsps, if you uncheck them in clean installer then the stuff wont show on the shelves as is!

    And thats about it, enjoy! 🙂

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    Credit for cc

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    5 Responses

    1. karen lorraine says:

      Looking again at this it’s beautiful and so real looking. Makes me think I’m watching another episode of Friends.

    2. LadyAngel says:

      So lifelike, perfect! Thanks for uploading, I love it!

    3. debido says:

      At last, this version is “look-like” the original 😉

    4. LadyAngel says:

      I was just wondering – are the meshes included in this download? A lot of the cc is flashing blue in my game.

    5. LadyAngel says:

      I’ve managed to track down most of it. It’s a shame some of the sites are dead. 🙁

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