• Creating Sims 2 – Creating and exporting pets


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    You can click on any image in this tutorial to enlarge it. To create a pet, go into a world and click the ‘Create New Family’ button:

    Give your pet a family name and then select either a cat or a dog:

    Go through all of the options to create your pet – make it as unique as possible:

    Select the options to create your pet

    On the next screen, click the tick to get your pet into your world:

    Select your pet, and then select a household to move it into:

    Once in the house, click on the phone and select ‘Pet Registry’:

    Register your pet by phone

    And then ‘Register Breed’:

    Click your pet’s name:

    Click your pet's name

    Enter the name of the breed:

    Enter the breed name

    Go back to the create a family screen and click the dog or cat icon, depending on what you’ve just created. On the next screen, the second option brings up the breed. Select the new breed you just created, give it a name and description, and package it to a file:

    Package your pet

    Take note of the location of your exported file:

    Now you can find your exported pet in that folder, ready to zip up and upload!

    Required Expansion Packs:
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