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  • Creating Sims 2 – Creating floor, wall and ground coverings with Homecrafter   (Views: 0 )

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    1. TofuSnorlax says:

      Wow, this is so easy that I feel inspired to do it myself (having never made any custom content whatsoever before). I just wonder if it’s allowed to use patterns found online (say, from a website selling them for real homes) and share them with other simmers? Especially since it’s just for use in a game and no money is to be made from it.

    2. LadyAngel says:

      Take a look at the link on part 1 in the tutorial. It’s a site with images that don’t need to be matched, so it’s a fantastic place to start!

    3. TofuSnorlax says:

      Here I am with my hopefully seamless tile images ready to go and Homecrafter does not want to work for me! What a shame, it looked so simple to use. Now I’m hoping making floors with SimPE is not too much more difficult.

      Homecrafter has started working all of a sudden and now I have a question about how to keep package files organized. When I use Clean Installer to install the tiles I made with Homecrafter, it puts the .package files in the Downloads folder with random names like floor_dd48bd07.package. How can I give these package files my own names so that anyone who downloads my tiles can know what they are and get rid of the ones they don’t want with the help of the name?

    4. LadyAngel says:

      That’s very easy – Just right-click on the file and choose ‘Rename’. Then you can add something memorable, such as ‘Tofu_floor_greytile’ or something. I always start my file names with ‘SFU’ so I know I can easily identify them 🙂

    5. TofuSnorlax says:

      Thank you. That seemed the obvious choice, but after searching online I found a few MTS forums warning not to change package names, but I suspect they were referring to more complex things like objects and meshes.

    6. LadyAngel says:

      Well not having created any of the above, I can’t say, but I’ve successfully renamed all of my wall & floor coverings as well as re-coloured objects with absolutely no problems at all. 🙂

    7. TofuSnorlax says:

      I’ve got a rather ambitious idea regarding wooden floors now and I am wondering how I can get hold of the pictures of Maxis floors. I know I’ve seen recolors of them, so I hope there is a simple way to get the images.

      Sorry! I realized I could do this with SimPE! Next time I’ll have a longer think before I ask questions.

    8. LadyAngel says:

      No problem. 🙂 Asking a question and then providing the answer could help other people.

    9. CheekyBugga says:

      OK I have tried 3 times!! each time I am in homecraft trying to select the tile Homecraft crashes!! Would you know why ?? and what else I can use?? PLEASE!!!!!!

    10. LadyAngel says:

      As per our conversation Donna, I thought I’d post this here. Homecrafter is fragile and images need to be ‘flattened’ before use or they will crash Homecrafter. You can do that in Gimp by clicking ‘Image/Flatten Image’ from the top menu before exporting it. Any image files that are affecting Homecrafter can be safely deleted from ‘My Documents/EA Games/Sims 2/Projects/Homecrafter Plus/{Image Folders}.

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