• Residential Single Starter – Refurb!

    Condition: Fully Furnished
    Bedrooms: 2
    Price: §67,030
    Lot Size: 3×2
    Extra Info:
    Contains custom content
    Content is included

    A refurb of LadyAngel’s fantastic starter home; ‘Single Starter’.

    CC by LadyAngel – SimfansUK, and from TSR

    Unfortunately, all images were hosted by ImageShack and have all disappeared. 🙁

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    2 Responses

    1. LadyAngel says:

      Wow…this gives the word ‘extension’ a whole, new meaning! This is fab, and I love the landing area and downstairs entrance!

    2. karen lorraine says:

      Love the chairs in the bedrooms, whose are those?

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