Stack of Plates

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Item Type: New Mesh
Function: DecorativeMisc
Room: Multiple Rooms
Price: §10 each
Poly Count(s): See post

Bianca Monty of Veronaville found three boxes of very cheap dishes in her attic and is now hoping to unload them in a yard sale. Each set includes 8 dessert plates (10 simoleons), 8 dinner plates (10 simoleons), a serving bowl (10 simoleons) and a platter (10 simoleons) Also included are 3 shelves in white, blue, and red trim for base game users. The dishes are cloned from a wall hanging and will therefore be able to be moved up and down with the right ep and hopefully placed in cabinets. Bianca sends her best!

Polygon counts: Dinner plates 2376
Dessert plates 2467
Platter 396
Bowl 482
Shelf 104
(Are the plates too high? I think it’s because there are 8 of them in each stack.)

Of course you will need boolprop snapobjectstogrid false
and move_objects on to place your items.

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