sims 3

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    Residential Far Country Villa


    Far Country Villa is recommended by Gwen Glover and Holden Wozny who housesat for the owner and had a wonderful time.

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    Patterns Love


    Themed pattern with hearts. Channels: 2

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    Patterns Cats and Bats


    Pattern design by Me. Created with combining two images(cats and bats) in Pattern Studio.

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    Residential Cabinette


    Small, 1-bedroom home, fully furnished with plenty of space.

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    Residential Eclectic Style


    This is a one-bedroom bungalow, with a mix of modern and traditional decor.

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    Sims Precious Little


    Precious Little wants to make it big! With Simoleon signs in her eyes she wants to head for the city and jump feet first into the world of celebs.

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    Sims Anastasia Quirky


    Anastasia Quirky is just that – Quirky and fun! Loved by her many friends and neighbours, Anastasia is bubbly and kind, if not slightly neurotic.

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    Sims The Contrary Sisters


    After the unfortunate death of their parents Sarah has grown more dependant on her older sister Jolena and moved in with her until she could find her feet.

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    Community Beach Hangout


    This is the perfect place for your beach-loving Sims to hangout.

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    Residential Rue de Fer


    A dear friend went on vacation to a lovely city in Belgium. She sent me pictures and I was inspired to build Rue de Fer.

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    Residential Citrus Grove


    A great friend asked me to build this house for her sims who want to live abroad.

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    Residential 161 W. Cypress Drive


    Here is a simple, modern, 2 bedroom house for a career sim. Park in the garage and walk up to the door on a nice covered walk-way.

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    Residential Silverthorn


    Silverthorn is a nice, big family home with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths.

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    Sims Sacha Davies


    Sacha is ambitious and flirty. She almost demands attention and popularity and will be a challenge to play.

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    Sims Julia Stone


    Ambitious Julia is a fun-loving Sim who will be a lot of fun to play.