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    Residential Tudor Cottage


    Three bedroom Tudor-style home. This is the same house LadyAngel uploaded, only with Sims 3.

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    Residential Sophella


    2-bedroom, modern house, perfect for the single sim or young family. This is based on the image you can see at the top

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    Residential Tiny Modern


    Very small modern home designed for the young, professional couple. It’s perfect for entertaining with outside pool and BBQ area.

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    Residential Georgian Mansion


    3-bedroom, Georgian-style home. Downstairs is open-plan, and one of the bedrooms is being used as a study.

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    Community Landown Park


    Simple community lot, a park for your Sims in which they can relax, make new friends and catch up with old ones.

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    Community Sim Town Hall


    Here’s a simple community lot for your Sims to mingle and play!

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    Patterns 3 Retro Patterns


    The one good thing about the Sims 3 is the ability to configure every item of furniture with any pattern/colour you wish.

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    Pet Objects Sapphire Creations


    Prototype Dog bowl, its a retexture of the original one with bones on it which I had to get rid of to make this more realistic looking Bowl.

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    Sims Delana Peacock


    Meet Delana. A beautiful friendly sim that will be a welcome to any neighbourhood. All she wants is to raise a big family in a warm, loving home.

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    Residential Siesta


    Mediterranean style house with a sea view – perfect for your party animal bachelor sim or a beach loving family.

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