• Other Which packs have you used to build your Sims 4 lot?


    How to find the packs used to build your Sims 4 item. Useful when uploading content to websites as some downloaders may not have all of the packs you have installed.

    Open up your game and click the ‘Gallery’ icon:

    Make sure you items are selected, and click on the one you would like to upload:

    Then simply check the box on the bottom to see which packs have been used when you created your item:

    Or in the updated game:

    You can also open up the lot you want to upload within the Sims 4 Tray Importer and the packs will show to the right of the info panel.

    I haven’t selected any packs for this tutorial, but obviously you will have used some or you wouldn’t need this tutorial! 

    Sims 4 base game only required

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