• Surfaces Workstations – Hybrid Desk

    Item Type: New Mesh
    Function: SurfacesDesks
    Room: Study/Office
    Price: §200
    Poly Count(s): 3218

    In fact I didn’t find any workstation that looks like my own. Privately I have zillions of gagets (garbagets!), in game I have even more (controllers with mesh), so I need plenty of space to fill up.

    There are two workstations in the game (Ikea Fredrik and FT Tube Desk). I didn’t know that the extra slots available, were actually made by someone named Lord Darcy (maty). Got informed by Huge Lunatic at MTS and this made it possible to create my functional workstation. Well, I mixed both game workstations and made a third one, that is full recolorable and to prove that it is possible to full recolor it, I included two of my infame recolors (light wood and Alien) that you don’t need to use at all (or just make a beautiful one and paste on the top!).
    The desks are in 3 colors equivalent to both Fredrik and Tube desk, plus the infame wood ones. The workstation desk will show in catalog with two subsets: wood and frame and both can be recolored, including the photos that hang from the shelves.

    Requires FT and Ikea Stuff. Maybe not if you know how to.

    Same price as the Fredrik desk (§ 200), the poly count is 3218, that is perfectly acceptable once it is a 2 tiles object. You need Lord Darcys slot mod named “LdDarcy-MaxisMoreDecoSlot-AL”, in order to have 5 more slots in the desk as shown. I didn’t even know that I had this mod or where I got it. The RTFM included with the mod, says that it is available at maty. Dunno, haven’t visited maty for ages and so far, have no intention to.

    The present desk doesn’t project shadows on walls, just because it is not meant to be placed against a wall but against another of the same kind. The edges of the desk connect on both sides and on the back, making a seemless workstation, meant to be placed in the middle of a room. It is this way I work(state), and keep clean walls to have more space to hang my garbagets!

    Have fun!

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      Fabulous, thanks!

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