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Old Mansion Residential

Large, old mansion with plenty of character and atmosphere!


Featured_postHuntington Mansion Residential

Meet the Huntington’s. Richard Huntington III lived happily with his wife, Marjorie and their children, Michelle and Steven, for many years.


Family Mansion Residential

Okay, it’s not really a mansion as it only has four bedrooms, but it looks larger than it is from the outside.


Harley Mansion Residential

Only your very rich and successful Sims can afford this mansion


Georgian Mansion Residential

3-bedroom, Georgian-style home. Downstairs is open-plan, and one of the bedrooms is being used as a study.


Marbelicious Manor Residential

his luxurious, opulent home, so named because the outside walls are all marbelicious masonry, has 3 large bedrooms each with ensuite bathroom on the second floor, and formal living, dining, family room, and sitting room along with guest half bath on the first floor.