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  • Hotels & Rentals 10 Pastel Way   (Views: 2,752 )

    Condition: Fully Furnished
    Properties: 4
    Price: ยง1738-$2034
    Lot Size: 4×4
    Extra Info:
    Contains custom content
    Some content is included

    10 Pastel Way

    There are 4 apartments, all working. Each has a parking space out front. All have the same floor plan just a little different layout in furnishings. As usual with me they are colour coded, Beige, blue, red and green, with furnishings to match. Each has their own fenced in garden.

    3 Bedrooms
    Spare room/office
    Seperate Kitchen
    2 Bathrooms

    Price to rent ranges between $1738-$2034

    To successfully build apartments on a foundation and have a backyard for each, there needs to be an invisable fence around the back stairs. This is included make sure you include it when you use clean installer. If You delete the stairs you will bork up the apartments and then it wont work!

    Click to view credits

    Custom Content Shown but not included
    Paintings from Avalon https://jaue.com/avalon/
    Modern Georgian Windows plus add ons by Phoenix Phaerie https://www.modthesims.info/member.php?u=295417
    the two middle walls are not showing you can get these from JLonier https://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=222967 You dont need to download the whole lot, just the red and blue.

    Custom Content Included:
    – 4esf Ceiling Rim 16 Steps high by 4ESF
    – Recol White by 4ESF
    – Wall one by Christine
    – Exclusive formal Wall by Christine
    – Wall two by Christine
    – OFB Story Fence in Whitest Clean by Ailias
    – Edge Smoother By Ailias White by Ailias
    – Edge Smoother 2 Wood by Ailias
    – Manor House Washroom Tubside Bench by phoenix_phaerie
    – Manor House Washroom Medicine Cabinet by phoenix_phaerie
    – Manor House Washroom Pivot Mirror by phoenix_phaerie
    – Manor House Washroom Sconce by phoenix_phaerie
    – Manor House Toilet by phoenix_phaerie
    – Manor House Washroom Toothbrush Cup by phoenix_phaerie
    – Manor House Washroom Towel Rack by phoenix_phaerie
    – Manor House Washroom Paper Holder by phoenix_phaerie
    – Manor House Slipper Tub by phoenix_phaerie
    – Path to Meadow – brownstones by Gwenke33
    – WroughtWright, Inc. “Iron Age” Fence by pfish
    – MTCountryRefrigerator Mesh by deele4952
    – MTCountryRefrigerator Blue by deele4952
    – MTCountryRefrigerator Blush by deele4952
    – MTCountryRefrigerator Mint by deele4952
    – MTCountryRefrigerator Sand by deele4952
    – Standing Teddy by deele4952
    – “Nohan” painting by nengi65
    – “Nohan” painting Afternoon Delight by nengi65
    – “Nohan” painting Boatmans Harbour by nengi65
    – Tulips Mesh by Nengi65
    – Tulips Purple by Nengi65
    – Tulips Red by Nengi65
    – Tulips White by Nengi65
    – Tulips Yellow by Nengi65
    – Longhorn Fence – Chenille 02 by Piggis
    – MellowYelloeTile by Deathkat64
    – OuterCornerHalfHeightALroofdeco by whitewaterwood
    – Fake Mailbox by windkeeper

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    1. karen lorraine says:

      I like this very much, have built similar too ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. LadyAngel says:

      I love little rental streets like these. ๐Ÿ™‚ It looks like a sociable little community, with no 2 houses the same. Lovely!

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