• Residential 14 Pastel Way

    Condition: Fully Furnished
    Bedrooms: 3
    Price: §108,475
    Lot Size: 4×3
    Extra Info:
    Contains custom content
    Some content is included

    I recall after I built this house that it looked so similair to my Grandparents house over in Calhoun, Georgia, right down to the dormers and the red sideways garage. What was ironic was that just a week after I built this my Grandfather passed away. So heres a tribute to my Grandfather 

    This house is two Story but have left the top empty as wanted it a games room with a pool table but then realised the eps I was using didnt have the pool table, so furnish how you will!

    It has:
    3 Bedrooms
    2 Bathrooms
    Kitchen and Breakfast room
    Dining Room
    Living Room
    Fake side GaragePlenty of space to expand.

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    Custom Content Included:

    – Dish Drying Rack by Stack ‘Em Wide Inc., by boblishman
    – Doormat by CTNutmegger
    – ch8a by -Maylin-
    – Laundry detergent by Maylin
    – Split Colonial Tract Door by leesester
    – 4esf Ceiling Rim 16 Steps high by 4ESF
    – 4esf Ceiling Rim 16 Steps high White by 4ESF
    – eight/three studio Girl’s cushion by 8-3
    – Edge Smoother By Ailias White by Ailias
    – Edge Smoother 2 Wood by Ailias
    – ATS Beach House – Living – Console Table by Around the Sims
    – LG Dryer by Fresh-Prince
    – LG Washer Machine by Fresh-Prince
    – Einfach-Simlisch – Funny – ModernArtCollection #3 by Funny2401
    – Nordic Drapes by Fairywitch Sims
    – Nordic Drapes 2 Tiles by Fairywitch Sims
    – Nordic Drapes 2 Tiles Recolour by sim2artists
    – Wall Shelf Low by HugeLunatic
    – Wall Shelf Mid by HugeLunatic
    – Caress of Teak DBL by HugeLunatic
    – “Chequered Past” Table Lamp by Kate
    – “Mayfair” Art Nouveau Wall Mirror by Kate
    – “Quintessimtial” Wall Chandelier by Kate
    – “Woodcutters” Log Pile by Kate
    – Wallpaper Edging by mustluvcats
    – WallPaper Edging Med Brown by mustluvcats
    – Marmy’s Clothes Rack by Marmy
    – Towel 8 by MysticRain
    – Towel 9 by Mystic Rain
    – Closet Unit by thefuzmixman
    – Shoerack Boys by thefuzmixman
    – Shoerack by thefuzmixman
    – Decorative Fireplace by OM by Avalon
    – Square Painting 1207 by OM by Avalon
    – Panel Curtains by HugeLunatic
    – Panel Valance by HugeLunatic
    – Panel Curtains Diagonal by HugeLunatic
    – Panel Curtains by HugeLunatic
    – Panel Valance by HugeLunatic
    – Curtains Green by HugeLunatic
    – Valance Green by HugeLunatic
    – Curtains Orange by HugeLunatic
    – OM-Square-Hopper02 by Piggis
    – TuscanyArt01[OM-AvalonMesh by Piggis
    – TuscanyArt02[OM-AvalonMesh by Piggis
    – TuscanyArt06[OM-AvalonMesh by Piggis
    – _FUNNY_silouettes-08 by Piggis
    – Miso Shelving by KiaraRawks
    – Anya Hindmarch Clutch by BabyAisha
    – Kate Spade Tote Bag by BabyAisha
    – Rocco Boots by BabyAisha
    – White Divider by BabyAisha
    – Miu Miu Sandal by BabyAisha
    – Hanging White Wood Shelves by BabyAisha
    – Small Midnight Ride Window by leesester
    – Springtime bench by Issy
    – Springtime coffee table 1×1 by Issy
    – Springtime dining table by Issy
    – Roma couverts by wallsims by Wallsims

    CC Content Shown and needed but not included
    White fence Recolour by HugeLunatic

    Required Expansion Packs:
    Open For Business
    Required Stuff Packs:
    Mansion & Garden
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    3 Responses

    1. LadyAngel says:

      What a bitter-sweet upload this is. So sad for your poor grandfather, but what a beautiful, little house! I love the use of cc in this, particularly the washing stuff. Another must have!

    2. TofuSnorlax says:

      What a cute breakfast nook! And this home really has some great CC – the paintings, the bedroom bench, the laundry basket!

    3. chilili says:

      Love the house, the nice white furniture and the layout. Looking forward to seeing my Sims2 folks using it. 🙂 🙂

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