96 Bamford Lane – Base Game Only

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Condition: Fully Furnished

Price: §99,229
Lot Size: 3×2
Extra Info:
This upload contains custom content
Meshes/content are included

This family home has 3 levels, with the top floor being used as a master suite, with en-suite bathroom and separate dressing room. There’s a fake garage for anyone who wants to make it into a real one using the required expansion packs. Custom content is by me (curtain re-colours and some wallpaper), and by triciamaly and allison731 if they don’t mind 

Required Expansion Packs:
Base Game Only

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2 Responses

  1. triciamanly says:

    Yahoo! I love your house! The sloping roof makes for a good modern look. I’m very honored that you would choose cc from me! Thanks so much! Your site has really allowed me to grow as a creator and I’m really grateful!

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  2. LadyAngel says:

    Thanks tric, I’m pleased you like the house, and don’t mind me using your cc. 🙂 It’s me who should be thanking you…I have very few creators and my downloads section is really growing now!

    I’d really love to see you upload some of your custom content here. If you need a hand packaging it I could help with that. 🙂

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