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    Plumbing Almost Stylish Shower

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    Item Type: New Mesh
    Function: Plumbing
    Room: Bathroom
    Price: §500
    Poly Count(s): 950

    This is a cheap copy of the “Stylish Shower”, meant to be cheap, using cheap material, produced in BangAdesk to be as cheap as possible.
    Cloned from the cheap shower and fortunately (uff!), it works.

    Though, at least internally, it looks like the very stylish brother, it has, at least internally, much smaller data.  Yep! It works anyway!

    Should be recolorable but I didn’t test. Recolors from the cheap shower were never a blast somehow.

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    karen lorraine
    7 years ago

    Certainly looks more stylish now, thank you 🙂

    7 years ago

    Yep I would say shower in style Well done!!

    7 years ago

    It looks great! And the game definitely needs updated showers and tubs!

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