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    Community Featured_postBelfast Shire


    This local shire serves the peasant village well with its huge library and many shoppes.

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    Residential Camelot Castle II


    Here is another one of my castles from my world, Dracul Isle. I am using this castle for my medieval legacy family.

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    Sims Count Dracul


    It stands to reason that a place called Dracul Castle should have a Count and Countess in it

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    Sims Countess Dracul


    Count Dracul had to have a wife, so I created Countess Dracul. They will reside in Dracul Castle in my game on Dracul Isle.

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    Residential Peasant Farm II


    This is the other farm that was created for my latest world, Dracul Isle. It is two story with a foyer entrance, living room with fireplace, a full bath, office with chess area and a kitchen with separate dining.

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    Residential Peasant Farm I


    This beautiful little farm is an EA remodel. It has a large pond, stables and a small garden area. The house has a entrance foyer, a separate dining room, a full bath and a living room with a chess area.

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    Residential Peasant Dwelling VII


    This is an EA remodel. It is two story with a living room, kitchen, dining, master bedroom and bath on the first floor.

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    Residential Peasant Dwelling VI


    This lovely home may be small, but perfect for a couple just starting out. Plenty of room for a garden and those late night dinners.

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    Starter Peasant Dwelling I


    Here is the first of a series of medieval residential homes from my latest world, Dracul Isle.

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