karen lorraine

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    Residential Monmouth Manor


    Monmouth Manor was built in 1865 by the Earl of Monmouth for his second son, Harold. Over the years the Manor has been modernised but it still retains the olde worlde charm of when it was first built.

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    Residential Brampton Cottage


    This tiny tudor-style cottage has all that a small sim family could need, two bedrooms, a family lounge and a large versatile garden. I do hope you enjoy it

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    Residential Tuscan Villa


    A beautiful large Tuscan villa for you to enjoy, set in landscaped gardens overlooking the sea (well it is in my game).

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    Residential Moroccan Retreat


    An oasis of luxury for the sim who wants to live in a haven of beauty. Plenty of terraces to enjoy the sun or go for a swim in the pool.

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    Residential Teale House


    A spacious 3 bedroom home for the discerning sim family. It sits on a large plot and so enjoys a spacious garden, essential for growing families.