Plumbing Bathroom Items – Conversion to LS   (Views: 1,909 )

Item Type: New Mesh
Function: Plumbing
Room: Bathroom
Price: §See post
Poly Count(s): See post

Here comes the next wave: Bathroom items. The separated items are: Dr. Pixel famous Outhouse Toilet, perfectly Base Game and totally LS, fits exactly in 1 Tile as I always wished. The almost stylish shower is base gamed or LS-ed, The toilet romantic is a modified clone from the base game toilet, the Toilet Modern with slot is just converted to Base Game and is not slaved to anything, it is full independent. The same to the Toilet Porta-Potty, now Base Game or LS and includes the LOD 90 to have still hood view. The bigger file includes the Stylish Shower as well My Corner Stylish Shower, all useable to non FT games. All poly counts are under 2000 as acceptable.

Extra Info
Objects fit to Life Stories, first Edition.

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  1. LadyAngel says:

    Very nice! Especially the shabby, outdoors one – reminds me of my granddads when we were kids. 😀

  2. jlouis says:

    Very good for base game,thanks.

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