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Featured_postCalendar – Funtional

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Item Type: New Mesh
Function: DecorativeWall Hangings
Room: Multiple Rooms
Price: §5
Poly Count(s): 52

This is a normal Calendar. The only difference is that – it works!
I created it to use in Uni, once there’s no UI element to show days of the week.
It is programmed to change the day of week everyday at the exact time you place the calendar in a lot and click “Start Calendar”, so I recommend that you place it on a lot in very early hours. I place them at 1:00 am.
Located in General – Miscellaneous.

The front page of the calendar is recolorable and you are challenged to do it, because mine is not the best. The rest of the images are not recolorable because it is changed by the (in)famous BHAV code “change material”.
What you can do is to make your own recolors and paste them on the top of the object images. If you want to exchange with your friends, please state that you can only have ONE copy of the object installed in your game.
If you are skilled enough, you can change Mesh and colors, but then you are creating your own object. Yes, you are allowed to do it. Post it here so everybody can do the same :D

In fact it requires only Uni and even probably works Base Game, but as I have the whole Sets of EPs, I crossed all.

Have fun!

Required Expansion Packs:

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How wonderful to see you back and uploading! I may have a go at recolouring this as I love the idea of a working calendar for the Sims, thank you!


This is a great idea, thanks! smile