• Wall Coverings Candlewick Lane walls

    Price: §Various

    Bells–Holly is a beautiful light green textured wallpaper with a diamond like design with holly draping around each top of wall1, wall 2 has no holly draping
    Braided Wreath– is a braided wreath on a wood panel, wl1, wl2 has no wreath
    Candles 4 Christmas – is a pink to red wall in a weave design, with 3 candles at the top, one floor is color of bottom wall, floor 2 is green in same weave design.
    Blessed Cup of Tea– is a beautiful pinkish wall with a cup of tea at top with flowers on cup and around cup, fl1 & 2 are created from the tea cup and are tile.
    Wreath on Panel 0 is a lighted looking wreath on a light wood panel 4 wall 1, wl 2 has no wreath, floors, one is carpet with wreath the other is wood with wreath
    Candlewick Lane terraine- is blond chipped wood & gray wood & brick
    Hope you will like all of these walls that I made

    Base Game Only

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