Sims 2

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    Residential Inexpensive Living 001


    As requested by Sim Fans UK member, marka93, this is the first in a series of four unfurnished starter homes under 12,000 simoleons.

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    Sims Sarah Updated


    Meet Sarah she’s outgoing, loves to be around others even though others might not like her.

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    Residential Candlewick Lane


    This is Candlewick Lane home, it has 1 bedroom, master bath upstairs, a kitchen, bathroom, living room & ladies meeting room.

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    Residential November Plantation


    These are the pictures of my house November Plantation sorry I didn’t sent them before.

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    Residential Lycos House


    This is the Lycos Dog made by Maxis. It was only released on the French site during a promotion deal with Lycos.