Sims 2

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    Residential Angellis


    In honor of Lady Angel I present “Angellis” which although I know modern isn’t her favorite, she has created modern looking things which inspire modern and hence a modern house.

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    Residential Small and Modern


    This wee house was actually my second upload at mts 4 years ago. Have taken down downloads from there and while doingthat have decided to make this a little nicer looking, well on the inside anyway.

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    Hair Male Dreads No Band


    The page hair was my first trial, this one is the last.

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    Hair Pretty Page Hair


    Here is a female hair cloned from the afPagePunk and just adjusted to be different.

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    Mods Toddler Smustle


    You have only to turn the boombox On and there will be an interaction available for toddlers: Dance Smustle.