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Modding Change lot zoning for Sims 2 base game lots

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What you need:

Sims 2 (affiliate link)

When I create a community lot for the base game (Sims 2), a lot of what I want to add can only be found in a residential lot, such as bookcases and computers etc. So I like to build with residential items first then change the lot to a community lot using SimPE so I can add community items. Here’s how it’s done. I’ll make it a simple as possible. Okay, here goes:

Build a residential lot and add all the items you want to use in your community lot once it’s changed. For the purpose of this tutorial I’m going to use a standard Maxi’s house, but you can do the same for any lot you build yourself. You need to remember the name of the lot – in this case, it’s 95, Woodland Drive:

Close down Sims 2 and open SimPE and go to ‘Tools/Neighborhoods’ and ‘Neighborhood Browser’:

Click on your neighbourhood and open it:

On the left menu click ‘Lot Description’, then in the list that comes up on the right click your lot. Simply change it to community then click ‘Commit’:

Click ‘File’ then ‘Save’ and close SimPE. Open up your game, and hey presto, your lot zoning has changed!

Now you have a community lot that would otherwise have fewer things for your Sims to do there:

If you have AnyGameStarter, or want another way to do this, you can simply open up the neighbourhood within SimPE and do the same thing:

I hope this helps. Please feel free to post any questions you have. Thank you for reading.

Sims 2 base game only required

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This is exactly what I needed, right under my nose! I built a new neighborhood in base game months ago and never could package for upload even with your tutorial. But another problem was my hotels didn’t have beds cause they were community. Maybe I’ll drag the whole thing out and try this and the uploading tutorial again. Your tutorials are the best!

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oh wow, I can’t wait to try this. To think, to have more stuff for your sims. yae
Thanks Angel