• Misc Chicken Checking

    Item Type: New Mesh
    Function: MiscellaneousMisc
    Room: Multiple Rooms
    Price: §See post
    Poly Count(s): See post

    Well, there was no Chicken Checkers available, so I decided to create my own. It is my humor and has nothing to do with EA once I’ve never seen the original object, so I have no clue on how it worked. When you see the picture, you will think “Blah! Lemonade selling?”. No-No! I used the meshes of the lemonade thingie in the lack for anything better once I want to use my own objects. It deals on 3 independent objects that can be used totally unrelated. I made a table, cloned from the seasons country table and meshed as you see. The chair is also independent and is cloned from the Base game Plastic chair and is shaped as the wood box of the same object. I needed it so and you will see why if you try the object.  The third object is the present target. It is cloned from the Cheap computer and it is programmed to do anything different of what you would do with a computer. It skills on Cooking and have also use for OFB shopping, so it is an useful skilling object, but Warning: it is crazy and meant to be funny. It has two different outcomes and is random based. More about it? Well, test it, it works. The main object is located in Hobbies together with the bookcases once it is a skilling object, costs § 500 and the poly count is 2640. The box chair is together with the plastic chair and the others, the table is in tables as well. Both are low poly: chair 118 polys and table 376 polys. Both cost § 80 each. Well, have fun!

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    1. ekrubynaffit says:

      Wow, thats awesome, so have to download and try it out and see what it does!

    2. ranabluu says:

      I love your imagination.

    3. jlouis says:

      Surprise, i love, thank you.

    4. laurcleve says:

      I’ve been searching for this! Thankyou!

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