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  • Mods Children can throw birthday parties   (Views: 17,104 )

    Please backup any files that may be overwritten.

    This Mod:
    affects gameplay
    affects children and/or babies

    I didn’t see any reason for the limitation, so I removed it. Technically, there is nothing going wrong if a child throws a birthday party. About the result of the party it is not depending on who throws it, it is a set of requirements as for example, buy a buffet table, a bar, turn on stereos, etc. I myself didn’t see anything related to how fun the party is for the sims self. In my game sims have maximal fun when communicating with each other. Talk causes a lot of fun for them and I made objects that force them to sit together to know each other. So, this is not it. I would like to throw lots of parties but the mini-game irritates me. Nah! you need a barometer to know that your party is a blast? The result is that I set everything to throw a party and when the guest are all in, I leave them all by themselves and open Simpe in another computer, that is what is fun for me. Or I play Solitaire in my laptop. When the party is over, I just click OK to the dialog that ends the party. The EA’s result is indifferent for me, so my sims have a big good or a bad disaster party, I don’t care.  Note: I have always to state all EPs as requirement, but it you want it Base Game, you have only to extract the same bhav and make the same modification that is very simple. In the line that says “Am I a Child?” you shall direct both True and False to the same code line. That’s it.

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    1. LadyAngel says:

      That’s a good idea..let the kids throw their own party, who knows what they’d get up to! lol

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