• Residential Citrus Grove

    Bedrooms: 6
    Condition: Fully Furnished

    Price: §156,912
    Unfurnished Price: §113,897

    Game Version: 1.24.3

    A great friend asked me to build this house for her sims who want to live abroad.

    The unique thing about this lot is that the previous owner, Miguel Mercurio, was an expert gardener and he raised all these citrus trees trying to cultivate the highest quality fruit. He never got there and got fed up with all the work and moved out. Plus, he wanted a family to fill the huge house and the only person he met, Jamie Jelina, cheated on him. It’s a sad story really. He left all of the furnishings.

    There are interior pictures to give you the feel of the house. Hopefully you will find it exotic and foreign, unless of course, you are Moroccan. You may still find it exotic and foreign because it was built by someone who has never been to Morocco.

    There is also a small garden out back and two ponds in the front. Miguel had dreams of being self-sufficient. I think he could have done it if he had found the right wife and had all the children he wanted, but it wasn’t to be. Your huge sim family will undoubtedly have better luck!

    Also, please see the floor plans of each of the three floors.

    Base Game Only

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    1. LadyAngel says:

      I love the open landing area, looking down onto the pool. I’d buy this house in an instant!

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