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    Please backup any files that may be overwritten.

    This Mod:
    affects gameplay
    affects Sims interactions
    affects objects

    The package contains two files and this is a mod that changes completely the rules for Coffee and Espresso. It affects all the similar machines, mainly the Espresso Cart. First, NO NPCs are going to be spawned, all the machines are completely autonomous but have severe and very balanced rules for use. It is a bit of chaotic because the original codes are chaotic and too stupid in my opinion. By chaotic I mean Everybody can use, can work as barista and no one will hold the job very long. If one leaves, another can take the place or you can even select anyone in the lot to work as barista, if you have OFB, including visitors. They won’t stay long anyway. There are no jitters, instead after every cup of coffee or espresso, Sims will start to run frenetically, what will be very useful because bladder will drop dramatically. The rush effect will not last long either. In the pictures you see my shopping center, that has no OFB shopping at all. The coffee shop is very busy as you can see and all the pictures were taken in the very same visit. 🙂 Check your downloads with Hacks Conflict Detector (Simwardrobe) because any coffee hack will conflict. The mod is complete and doesn’t require any other mod. It is my proof that NPCs are NOT necessary.  Should work in any game configuration, not sure Base Game only but probably yes if the Cart and machines are in the Base Game. The codes didn’t change other than to include the hateful Enthusiasm from FT.

    Base Game Only

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