• Residential Contemporary Sim World

    Condition: Fully Furnished
    Bedrooms: 3
    Price: §131,155
    Lot Size: 3×3
    Extra Info:
    Contains custom content
    Content is included

    Contemporary Sim World is large, modern, and homey for a family of 4. You have room for a pool in the back if desired. Extra high ceilings give a feeling of spaciousness. Your sims will spread out in the family room which is conveniently located near the kitchen and dining areas. The kitchen also has a breakfast bar where sims can talk to mom while she cooks. It should be a pleasant life!

    Extra Info: only one wall by millyana, who is also me

    Base Game Only

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    4 Responses

    1. LadyAngel says:

      This is so cute. We have several cottages like this in and around our village, and I’ve always been jealous of whoever lives in them! I’d live here tomorrow!

    2. karen lorraine says:

      Love it! I really like the landing area that you have created halfway up the stairs, I can imagine the children creeping down, when they’re supposed to be sleeping, and peeping over the bannister to look at what’s going on downstairs, lol. So spacious, yet no waste of space.

    3. TheDeadSim says:

      Another nice big layout with only 3 bedrooms! I just can’t pull it off. Great work! I would have convinced myself to add some extra chairs to the dining table and make another bedroom upstairs. I wish I could do this!

    4. ekrubynaffit says:

      Love the ceiling lines Tric and the table behind the couch, you know Im going to have to steal that idea!!

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