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    I didn’t touch the ofb shops process once lately I don’t even use it, so the assignment of employees and all the shop stuff is pretty much the same. But to use these appliances is very boring, anti climax, so I decided to do it more exciting. Crafting when you don’t have a shop now is totally autonomous and therefore, unpredictable. If a sim doesn’t have any badges, he will be limited to produce dull bricks, simple plates or arrange daisies. So soon he gets a badge he will be able to get variety but you will never know what he is up to. A sim with gold badges will be allowed to produce whatever and decide what to produce. He can also choose if he wants to make one or make many. If you casually have a shop in the lot, whoever will produce thingies in your lot and all will land in your inventory. What the producing sim will get, is experience – and higher badges. If you don’t have a shop, he will keep all for himself and it can be any playable or townie. The other unpredictable action is that when a sim produces only one object, he will also have the choice to sell it self. The income will land of course, in the current family cash. An object that was started from one sim, can be finished by another and also sold by everyone, including children. The crafting station will be so, always free and ready to use. To achieve such autonomy I had to cancel the customization dialog. Well, I never liked because it stops the game just to choose between some insignificant recolors. Therefore objects will no more customizable and if you want another recolor you will have to use the design tool to change it. The design tool costs § 15 to customize and would make no profits. I use the design tool to avoid having to pick objects from the catalog many times just because of another color, so I reduced the price to zero (null) so my design tool is cost free. This is not a mod, but a text change in the game root and is located in “YourLastEPTSDataResTextBuild”, so a text file that contains the price used for changing color design in game. Most of the build prices like walls, foundations, etc are located inside text files in the game root, so it is not a mod but a direct game change. The objective of the present changes was to use the crafting stations in my College as training like a normal school with many options. It is also possible to simulate a badges school or similar. Crafting now is in the sims hands and you, well, you will have to be quick enough to grab their items before they sell it. 🙂 That’s it. I have to check all EPs and Stuff Packs because I have them all, installed. If you don’t, well, this mod is classified as “Very Difficult”.

    Required Expansion Packs:
    Open For Business

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    3 Responses

    1. FranH says:

      I’m so glad that I found out where you hang out, so I can grab your mods! This one looks definitely interesting!

    2. triciamanly says:

      You’re always making the game fresh and improved! Are you a professional game maker? You sure know a lot about it!!

    3. xptl297 says:

      I’m not even a programmer! I have the “benefit” (?) that I am the most instable person living in this planet! Professionally (if you can say so) I tried more than 200 professions and was successful in most of them. Maybe I am from knowledge aspiration and I do everything for the know how. Never given any worth for money or fame I do thing to satisfy my own ego needs. You end up with a lot of experience, 4 divorces on the back and no money in the bank – but 100% fit for the next question. 🙂

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