• Appliances Destillery

    Item Type: New Mesh
    Function: Appliances
    Room: Study/Office
    Price: §See post
    Poly Count(s): See post

    I was asked from an user named Rizo, about an old xptl work named “Destillery”. It was not the first time I got such request and it took me days to find out the objects. It deals on one of Eddie’s old works and he is no longer available. I had to pick up the pieces and complete what was missing. Well here it is:

    A machine cloned from the cooking reward “Candies Factory” and recoded to throw alcoholic drink bottles in a sims’ inventory. Be aware that this machine mesh is original and has a poly count of 10.108 added of an accessory that I had to create, once I didn’t find out what Eddie used originally, that is plus 402 polys. It is located in Kitchen Appliances and costs Null (§ 0).

    The other object in the set, is a chemical set originally meshed by Crocobaura, and recoded to do the same. The object is also high poly (3898), costs §52 and is located in Hobbies/Misc.

    I would like to inform that those old works were deleted at Eddie’s request once he got annoyed by an inconvenient incident. The intention of the deletion was not to prejudice the site where they were posted (Insiminator), but to really destroy the old works so that I could get back the GUIDs to use in more updated objects, once for all the years they were online, they got a ridiculous small amount of downloads. We didn’t even think that someone would be still interested on them. So, sorry for the inconvenience but it is a pain to recover such old objects.

    Thanks. 🙂

    PS: In order to the drink bottles to appear in the sims inventory, the following third parties objects are required:

    SH sake set – found probably in a site named Sims2PlayRussia
    whisky bottles – Phel (no clue where) GUID 0x00131FD4
    Liqueur Bottle – (no clue where) GUID 0x0012E4CA
    Champagne, ChampSet Gold, ChampSet Silver – from Maylin (probably at MTS2)

    See pic of the drink bottles for reference. Sorry!

    The very small bottle that was missing, is now included to the download. Very sorry, I opened it in Simpe and it is one of our GUIDs. It means that it was made by one of us. 🙂
    The other missing bottle that I called for “Liqueur bottle” actually is named “Glass Water Decoration”, VicMaster Bedroom – www.vitasims.com

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    1. ekrubynaffit says:

      Im glad you did recover it, as i love it!

    2. Helgaleinchen says:

      Thank you for the upload!
      I couldn’t find all the stuff you require. But I can post links to bottles I found, in case somebody needs them:
      SH sake (oriental set): https://sites.google.com/site/shoukeir/objects30
      Whisky by Phelana: https://www.meshkiste.de/00000099780f5670c/index.html
      Maylin’s champagne: https://modthesims.info/download.php?t=212451

    3. xptl297 says:

      Thanks bunches, Helgaleinchen, any link helps once I’m completely blank on such things. If you don’t find all the stuff, it is not a problem. All the objects are spawned by GUID and the code is very simple to modify. You need only whatever drink bottles you find – Take their guids and replace in the code. If you don’t know how to do this and at least can fire Simpe, I can teach you. 🙂
      Ah! by the way, someone named Kativip, at Garden of Shadows, have zillions drink bottles.

    4. Helgaleinchen says:

      Hi, xptl297! I know Kativip since several years and some of those bottles and other stuff she made was requested by me (for example, a “Violet Nightmare” set). I don’t know much about SimPE, I’m only able to use it for recoloring some objects and managing sims’ memory, family tree, etc. That’s why I would be very happy if you could make an instruction for me how to change the guids! 🙂
      By the way, Kativip has now her own site: https://kativip.ucoz.ru/
      And before I forget: I could find Vitasims Victorian Master Bedroom set including that glass water decoration. Here’s a link:

    5. xptl297 says:

      Thanks very much for your kindness and links. Yep, I got several objects from Kativip (didn’t know it is a girl). All the things I do in Simpe are not difficult at all, I learned most by myself. The problem to make tutorials is that the most useful tool is visual, that is, you have to make pics of the processes because words sometimes are not enough. I explained to another player that it is just a repetitive process with the very same bhavs and is all from OFB. You have to make code lines to identify a shop, the owner, or if none, to identify the one that is “producing” the objects so that it is placed in its inventory. If you open the posted object in simpe, you will see several of such bhavs that are constructed the same way. The only thing that you change on them, is exactly the GUId of the object chosen (in the case, the bottles). Then you need whatever complete object to pull your bhavs. I used Katy_76 stove, once it had already a procedure of producing pizzas. I chose the correct place to include a link to pull my bhavs. And that’s it.

    6. rizo says:

      thank you soooooo much for finding this in your files. you officially made my night! (i’m at work downloading this right now, lol.) i can’t wait to have this back in my game!

    7. jlouis says:

      Nothing to add to these compliments ,just thanks.

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